5 Tech Panels and Speakers You Shouldn’t Miss at Cannes This Year

From connected cars to VR, here's what you definitely should see

Photo Illustration: Yuliya Kim
Headshot of Patrick Kulp

With five panels on blockchain alone, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the capital-I innovation being discussed at Cannes next week.

That’s why we’ve sorted through all of the tech-focused panels and speakers to highlight a few of the ones most worth seeing—whether for their interesting take on some new tech, inclusion of industry movers and shakers or simple potential for lively discussion.

Here are the panels you should absolutely fit into your schedule:

Taking on the Next Transformation
Wednesday, 3 p.m., Lumiére Theater
As the head of the biggest advertiser on the planet, P&G marketing chief Marc Pritchard’s words carry a lot of weight, and he has a penchant for using industry conferences to make bold proclamations about the state of digital advertising. At this year’s Cannes, he will be talking about one-to-one marketing and the need for transparency in digital spaces.

The Break Up of Big Tech
Wednesday, 11 a.m., Innovation Stage, Palais II
Perhaps no issue shapes the landscape of digital advertising more than the concentration of power among a few Silicon Valley giants. Scott Galloway, marketing professor at NYU Stern School of Business and founder of research firm L2, has become one of the most outspoken experts on antitrust issues in tech. In this presentation, he will make the case for using regulation to break up Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google.

Accelerating Creativity in the Age of AI
Monday, 1 p.m., Debussy Theatre, Palais I
Cold, calculating robots aren’t usually associated with creativity, but more and more creatives now see artificial intelligence as an important tool in their work. Adobe’s vice president of design, Jamie Myrold, artist Mario Klingemann and Pentagram partner Natasha Jen talk about all the ways the rise of artificial intelligence can actually aid in the creative process.

Beyond Movie Marketing: The Future of VR and Entertainment Brands
Tuesday, 3:30 p.m., Interactive Stage, Palais II
Virtual reality might be great for games and immersive movies, but when it comes to entertainment advertising, it can be tough to find a use for it that doesn’t come off as gimmicky. Colum Slevin, head of experiences at Facebook’s Oculus division, will demonstrate why brands need to care about VR.

Life on Board: Turning the Car into Media
Wednesday, 12 p.m., Innovation Stage, Palais II
With vehicles getting more autonomous and dashboards more interactive, the connected car is set to be one of the next big frontiers in digital marketing. Renault’s anthropologist and insights tracker, Thomas Ehrmann, and vice president of global brand strategy and marketing communications, Bastien Schupp, will break down what marketers can do to keep up with the ever-changing technology in the modern automobile.

@patrickkulp patrick.kulp@adweek.com Patrick Kulp is an emerging tech reporter at Adweek.