5 Things We Expect Twitter To Announce Today

With Twitter’s developer conference prepared to get underway in just a few hours, we thought it would be a good time to speculate about some of the announcements coming out of the event today. While I think many of the new products and/or product upgrades have become public in the past month, why not throw out some educated guesses about what’s going to be announced?

More Details On @anywhere

@anywhere turned out to be a big disappointment for those attending SXSW earlier this year, not because the product sucked but because the interviewer was too interested in his own issues rather than questioning the company CEO (Evan Williams) about something which appeared to be a significant announcement. Today we will find out more details about what was clearly a Facebook Connect competitor and how developers will be able to implement the service within their site. Details including when developers can start implementing the service as well as what @anywhere really is should be expected.

New Redesign

Last week, Twitter teased users and developers with a sneak peak at a redesign which is expected to be displayed at the developer event later today. Today, we’re going to get see the full design for the first time and there are a number of things we’d expect to be included. However, there is one thing that we thing will be most significant: a new publisher.

New Publisher

Right now Twitter limits users to entering text, however there’s no other metadata, as Robert Scoble has previously alluded to (see his description of a SuperTweet). While I’m doubtful that Twitter will roll this out as Robert Scoble has described, I do believe that we’ll see an upgrade publisher. What do I mean by that? If you’ve used Facebook’s publisher to post status updates, images, videos, or anything else, you know that text is not the only thing you can post on Facebook.

Right now, Twitter enables users to include location data, but that’s the extent of the additional features available which are not included in the 140 characters you are allowed to post. I’d expect Twitter to implement a system in which photos and videos can also be published without being penalized in terms of the amount of text you can write. Right now you are forced to include links to twitpic, or whatever service you prefer, and instead this could simply be embedded as an attachment to your tweet.

We’ll have to see how this is rolled out, but there’s no doubt Twitter will be improving their existing publisher to add some form of attachments or metadata.

A Call For Games

Right now Twitter is not exactly a platform for applications. All leading social game developers don’t consider Twitter a great platform for them to develop on. While there have been attempts at games, most developers have not figured out any sustainable games to build on top of the existing platform. While the company doesn’t necessarily think they need to make changes to drive social game developers, most in the development community are not interested in building games on Twitter.

While I could speculate about features that would help social game developers (perhaps invites or requests?), I’ll simply suggest that I’d expect Twitter to launch new features that are more conducive to social game developers.

An Investment Fund

This was total speculation that we also suggested last night, however at the least we’ll see a number of investors recommit to investing in Twitter applications. While that may or may not be in the form of a Twitter fund, the company needs to emphasize that there is an outside commitment to the ecosystem, not just from Twitter.

Is there anything else that you’d expect to hear from Twitter today? Is there anything you are hoping they announce?

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