5 Trends Shaping the Digital Travel Customer Experience (Infographic)

Mobile, online reviews and social media all empower consumers to make informed purchasing decisions and share their experiences.

The travel industry is one of many that have been disrupted by digital innovations. More consumers are turning to online marketplaces to review their options and book travel. An infographic from SDL, a provider of customer experience management solutions, outlines how travel trends are shaping the future of the digital shopping experience.

Mobile is a big part of the coming shift, not just for the travel industry, but for e-commerce as a whole. Just as consumers want access to coupons and other deals on their mobile devices, 62 percent of travelers want the ability to book hotel accommodations. More than half of consumers are already checking in to their flights via mobile as well.

Online reviews are also important, as consumers want to make informed purchasing decisions. Indeed, nearly 50 percent of consumers consider travel review sites the “most helpful” when planning a trip, and 64 percent check travel research sites like TripAdvisor, according to SDL.

Travelers love to share their experiences, and according to SDL data, 76 percent of consumers share their experience on social media. Smart airlines are taking advantage of this trend for improved efficiency in the social customer service experience.

Check out the infographic below to see how mobile will create more disruption in the travel industry.



Top image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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