5 Ways Facebook Killed Your Chance With Her

Facebook can make or break relationships. All too often I’ve seen it do the latter and it while it sometimes ends long-term relationships, it’s much easier to have it kill your chances with a girl before you’ve even started the relationship. After date one, you are posting on her wall, commenting on her status, and sending her gifts. You may want to think twice about that next time buddy because you have just become Mr. Desperate and you can kiss her goodbye. Below are five ways guys end up messing up their chances with their crush on Facebook.

Her Profile Made You Jealous … And You Acted

While the jealousy plot is always a great method for getting someone more interested in you, showing that you’ve been affected by that special someone’s other relationships will kill your hopes of seeing them again. Girls love to flirt with guys on Facebook and while you can play their game, there’s a good chance she’ll win. Some girls will even take things to a new level by posting provocative photos to see just how many dumb guys will say something about how sexy she looks. Personally I think this also illustrates an issue with the girl but it’s going to make you look even worse when you fall for her bait.

You Attempt To Console Her Via Comments

Girls are like emotional roller coasters and many of them like to share those emotions via their status updates. However just because she isn’t feeling good, doesn’t mean that you should post a comment like “I’m sorry to hear that baby” even though you haven’t talked to her in 6 months. Even worse is trying to console someone who you randomly met in passing by posting a comment on her status … as if that’s going to do something. If you really want to help a girl out, give her a call or a hug … it will work much better.

You Kept Posting Status Updates That Make You Look Lonely

While you may like to spend your days in a sea of emotion, sulking about the last girl that broke up with you, keep that off your profile! Seriously, there’s nothing girls hate more than a guy who is an emotional wreck and does nothing but dream about how the marriage with that new crush would look. While I’m sure the future marriage will be pretty, you may want to hold off on those honeymoon dreams until at least date 5, ok?

Your Profile Is Filled With Photos Of You Kissing Your Ex

Dude are you serious? I know that she may have been the love of your life but all this shows is that you aren’t over her. The extreme version of this is when a guy has photos of him kissing multiple girls. While posing in photos with women is never a bad thing, showing that you are a kissing whore (or a flat out man slut) is probably not the best way to win points. All your photos should be illustrating is this: you’re popular, busy, fun, and wanted. Anything else and you’re profile is a big bag of fail.

That Poke War Took A Wrong Turn At Weirdville

Some guys can’t help it, they just don’t understand women and after a poke war gets out of control, their opening up their hearts in a personal message on Facebook. While you may think you’re in love with the girl you’ve hung out with a couple of times, sending her love letters because she poked you is probably not a good idea. While it’s fun to flirt, it’s not fun to look crazy because it will flat out kill your chances of success. Rather than writing that message, step away from the computer and go do some push ups. Next time you see her you can then flex those guns and show her which way the beach is.


These are just five ways to screw up your chances with that special crush of yours. While we all like spending time stalking those people we care about, you don’t want to make that obvious! Instead, make yourself at least look busy even if you aren’t. That means you don’t have time for commenting on her status update all day long and winning poke wars by poking back the second she pokes you. Get off your butt (or off Facebook) and create something that will truly make her interested …. like a bronze statue or something.