5 Ways To Instantly Boost Your Facebook Page Traffic

Every brand and business wants to know the secret of how to increase the number of fans to their Facebook fan page. While there is no one stop shop to success, there are some sure fire ways to grow your fan base organically.

Before reading the tips it is important to note that if you want to build and grow a successful fan page you will have to communicate regularly with the people who are invested in the company. If real people who are genuinely interested in the business are not inviting their friends, there is going to be very little networking going on, which defeats the point of using a social networking site, does it not?

That said, here is a list of five things you can do to increase your fan base by at least 100 in one week.

  1. Post the fan box to your site! Post it on every page, on your blog, and on your twitter accounts. Still have a MySpace? Post a link there too. This is the best way to obtain fans that are already excited about what your business is doing. Add your fan page URL to your email newsletters as well, which can bring a large uplift in fans depending on the size of your contact list.
  2. Reach out to people with direct interest in the company you are promoting – the marketers, the President, the CEO – add them as friends to your own network and have them each invite 100 of their friends. Out of 500 invites you’re going to see at least 20 of those people convert to fans. Do not underestimate this tip. It is imperative for a business to have all interested parties participating in social media and it is up to you to lead and coordinate that effort.
  3. Create a simple and direct landing page that makes it very clear what you want people to do. Look at the WooMe fan page for example – originally we created a very dynamic and interactive fan page that would allow people to view and rate fan photos, sign up for the company blog and watch videos from WooMe TV. However, we revised our strategy and decided to focus on one thing – get people to click the “become fan” button. We also added an “invite friend” box that supports the first goal by encouraging new fans to invite their friends to become fans of the brand as well. By doing this we saw our visitor to fan ratio double.
  4. Use applications to help spread awareness of your brand. My favorite is the Poll application that allows me to create interesting and funny questions for our fan base to answer. Invite your professional network to participate and give them specific directions to invite their networks as well. The more interesting your poll, the more likely it is that people are going to participate. I suggest you spend an hour reviewing other polls and noticing what kind of titles peek your interest and generate lots of participation, then try it out for yourself.
  5. Use photos; use them for anything you can think of. People love photos. I upload one photo and generate 200+ views on it and upwards of 400+ views if I tag someone else in it. Utilize the space to include a link to the company blog in the description box of the photo. Makes sure the photo has a watermark that brands your company with their logo and blog URL. It will bring people back to your page, I promise. People love photos, don’t doubt it, try it out and see for yourself.

Remember, you learn the most by doing! Try these tips out and get creative. The more time you spend in the space the better you will get and the more engaged you will see your fans become.

Veronica Reynolds is the Community Manager at WooMe.com, the world’s largest live introductions platform where people meet live in chat sessions via webcam around any shared interest for fun, to hook up, or for pure entertainment. Veronica loves social media and is online a lot so hit her up on WooMe or Twitter to say hello.