5 White Noise Apps to Put You & Your Baby to Sleep

Putting a baby to sleep can be a gargantuan task, but sometimes a little white noise is all that you need. Rather than filling your home with big white noise machines, you can turn your phone into a relaxing sound box that will help keep things calm in your home. (It’s also a great idea for travel!).

We’ve put together a list of five apps (both iOS & Android) that can help you create a soothing environment, along with links and descriptions of the apps for you to explore further.

1. White Noise: “Even when you’re asleep, your brain is constantly scanning and listening for sounds. If it’s too quiet, unwanted noises such as faucet drips or police sirens can interrupt your sleep. White Noise generates sounds over a wide range of frequencies, masking those noise interruptions, so you can not only fall asleep, but stay asleep.”

2. Simply Rain: “SimplyRain is a refreshing new way to relax and enjoy auditory Zen. Control the storm with a simple touch. Fine tune thunder and oscillating crosswinds. Set a sleep timer and let the rain wash away your stress…Rain’s therapeutic properties are utilized by a wide range of professions and age groups. Water is beneficial to all living creatures on Earth and can help promote positive energy, creativity, relaxation, concentration, and everything in-between.”

3. White Noise Ambience: “White Noise Ambience Lite is being used all over the world as the ultimate sleep-aid device. It can help you sleep soundly in environments that can be problematic for restful sleep. Just read our reviews and to see how many people are sleeping better since they started using White Noise Ambience Lite. Includes high-quality looped sounds such as Ocean Waves, Floor Fan, Thunderstorm and Campfire.”

4. Sleepy Sounds (Lullabies): “Choose to play Lullabies, White Noise, or Nature Sounds to sooth your baby to sleep. The app lets select how long you want the music / sounds to play for, and will loops until that time has finished.When you start the music / sounds your phone will start a looping animation which will light up a dark room.”

5. Music Therapy for Sound Sleep: “Music Therapy for Sound Sleep is an android music application based on the famous EEG to optimize human brains. For a necessary sound sleep, Low Speed Alpha Wave set in this app will comfort your mind, assisting you to fall asleep smoothly.”

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