50 Cent Launches Comedy Website

50 Cent, the Southside, Queens rapper, has never been one to shy away from trying something new. When people wondered if bullet proof vests could be worn in a fashionable way, 50 exclaimed “Yes!” and lead the way. When hip-hop fans had long forgotten about Ja Rule, 50 would not let Rule go peacefully into musical oblivion; instead starting beef with him and giving Rule more press than he had received in years. And when people thought there was no way 50 could make a worse album than Curtis, he proved everyone wrong with the release of Before I Self Destruct.

What’s next for 50? How about a comedy website? Popeater reports that Thisis50Comedy.com will launch tomorrow, starting with a comedy show in Times Square that will stream live on the site. The show will be hosted by Young Jack Thriller, who provides content to Thisis50, 50’s entertainment website. There’s not much on Thisis50Comedy right now, but we’re sure that will change soon.

FishbowlNY obviously enjoys poking fun at the rapper, but check this out: If you’re interested in being there for the launch show tomorrow you can get tickets for only $2.99, and the proceeds are going toward a relief fund for Japan. Nicely done Mr. Cent.