50,000 Websites Add Facebook's Like Button And Social Plugins In First Week

This evening Facebook posted an update to the official Facebook Page stating that over 50,000 websites have already added the Like button and/or other social plugins since they first launched last week. It’s a significant milestone for one week as it has taken years to reach hundreds of thousands of applications. Apparently many developers and website owners are dedicated to integrating Facebook features into their own sites.

Fortunately, none of the new features that websites are implementing are related to Facebook’s controversial “Instant Personalization” service. While many people are still confused about the difference between this service and the “social plugins”, many website owners see the benefit of these new services.

It’s also likely that many users find the content shared by their friends on sites to be interesting, despite the privacy implications of the new services. It will be interesting to see if Facebook continues to find widespread success with their new social plugins for the web. If most of these websites are adding semantic data, there’s no doubt that this could have a much more significant impact in the long run.