5th Planet Games launches Dawn of the Dragons for Android

Game developer 5th Planet Games today launched Dawn of the Dragons for Android in North America (and worldwide later this week). The social MMO has come along way for the indie developer who first launched the title on Facebook back in May 2010, and later released for Kongregate and Armor Games.

We first heard about Dawn of Dragons flying its way to mobile for iOS in January, and then the game hit the Apple App Store weeks later in February (review). Chief mobile officer Rob Carroll told us that there’s no differences between the iOS and Android versions, but users can play simultaneously with other players on either platform. As for cross-platform play between the mobile offerings and the web-based versions, 5th Planet Games decided to not let the mobile and web versions talk to each other due to the game being developed in Adobe Air and to allow the mobile version to have its own exclusive content. Carroll also adds the Android port was published in partnership with 5th Planet Games by an unnamed publisher (the studio will announce details about the publisher soon).

“We decided to intentionally not link the two versions,” he says. “There’s some different gameplay modes and unique content on mobile that we’ll be rolling out.”

We spoke in-depth with 5th Planet’s co-founders Robert Winkler and Steve Pladson a couple months after the launch of the game in 2010. Winkler revealed some impressive monetization figures with only a small user base (28,638 daily active users at the time of the story), seeing average revenue per paying user of $26.24.

Desipite Zynga laying off nearly a fifth of its staff today, other social and web game developers like 5th Planet Games are still seeing success on those platforms. Carroll says the company is still very successful on the web and heavily focused on web games for Facebook, Kongregate and Armor Games.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Dawn of Dragons for Facebook currently has an estimated 20,761 daily active users (DAU) and 144,056 monthly active users (MAU). On iOS, the game isn’t currently ranked on either the top free or top grossing apps chart.

Carroll says 5th Planet has plenty of new content in the works for future mobile updates, including new guilds-related content, unique world raids, and epic quests.

5th Planet’s president and chief operating officer Braden Moulton will be speaking on the Developing Cross-Platform Games panel at our Inside Social Apps conference this Thursday. Get your last minute tickets here.

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