6 Future Stories That Will Dominate Social Media

The death of Michael Jackson, the rise of Justin Bieber. Volcanic ash shutting down air travel over Europe, Ricky Martin outing himself. It’s usually the unexpected stories that take control of social media. However, there are a few major stories on the horizon that will likely inundate your social media world, and leave you wishing for an escape. Plan accordingly.

World Cup
The international football event might be taking place in South Africa, but the impact of a GOOOOOAL will be felt around the world. People are passionate about their teams, and often take to social networks to root on their favorite teams and update fellow fans on game happenings. Hype has already begun on Twitter with the #WC2010 hashtag and several social-media related announcements surrounding the June 11 launch are expected in May.

If the world is ending, you’ll want to say goodbye to your friends and loved ones as quickly as possible on December 21, 2012. Thanks to social media, you can bid farewell to hundreds of people at once with a single keystroke. Equal parts fear and hype, the end on the Mayan calendar is sure to drum up incessant postings across social media. From conspiracy theories to memes, apparently we’re taking the digital media with us to our graves.

American Idol
While the show feels as if it’s on the downside of its existence, the ‘who will replace Simon’ banter is going to grow like an out-of-control freight train. (I still think Howard Stern might get the gig.) Add that in with 30 million people watching the season nine finale, and things are about to get a little “pitchy, dawg.”

If the pride of the Philippines Manny Pacquiao ever gets a chance to take on Michigan’s undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr., it could be the boxing match of the century. This fight will have it all: speed, strength, trash talking, international intrigue and a monster pay-per-view price. It’s that big-ticket that will force people to social media to get blow-by-blow updates.

Games of the XXX Olympiad
London’s third turn as Olympic host of the 2010 Summer Games is sure to light up Facebook walls and Twitter streams around the world. With quite possibly the ugliest logo I’ve ever seen, the games will feature Michael Phelps attempting to break his most gold medals won in a single Olympics feat. Unless the munchies slow him down.

Death of an Icon
Not to get all macabre on you, but some of the world’s biggest celebrities are advancing in age. Born again social media icon Betty White is 88, ass-kicking Clint Eastwood is 79 and John Joseph Nicholson, aka Jack, is 73. We hope these stars stay strong for another few decades, but the odds are on the Grim Reaper’s side: someone who has entertained an international audience will die, and when they do, new media will be saturated.

Love or hate these stories, there will be no escape. You could always unplug yourself, but what fun would that be?

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