6waves Lolapps and Electrolab Take Facebook Gamers to Fight Camp

Fight Camp from 6waves Lolapps and developer Electrolab is a 2D mixed martial arts-themed, turn-based battle game for Facebook. Live in private beta since October 2010, the title just recently entered open beta, arriving on our list of emerging Facebook games last week.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Fight Camp currently has 191,016 monthly active users and 24,581 daily active users.

Fight Camp puts players in the trunks and gloves of an MMA fighter of their creation, pitting them against other fighters in turn-based battles. Players can define their fighter’s looks from facial features and hair to body type and tattoos. Customization also comes via clothing, with different garments possessing various attributes that affect gameplay statistics like defense and damage. Most of the customization elements, including tattoos and gear, must be purchased.

Beyond appearances, the game lets players customize fighters through their moves used in combat. Like Wrestler: Unstoppable, players take turns with the computer-controlled opponent choosing moves that are then acted out in an animation. Moves level-up over time, and players can also purchase power-ups to use in battle. Performing moves drains energy, which can be refilled with power-ups, and both fighters have health meters separate from the energy gauge.

Players win a match if they can fully drain their opponent’s health. It’s also possible to land a few good hits and receive energy, health and respect. Winning fights and completing goals rewards players with coins that can be used to buy gear and power-ups, while higher respect levels earns more fans (which is how the player levels up). After fights, players must heal themselves with health kits. These replenish over time or can be purchased.

The game is structured into a sequence of objectives. Completing these helps players level up their fighters and unlocks various rewards. Some objectives are satisfied by performing actions outside of combat, such as learning new moves, while others require players to defeat opponents in the ring.

Social features include inviting friends to play and competing with them in fights and challenges. Player accomplishments can be shared to their Walls, and the game lets players view their fight statistics as well as their friends’.

Fight Camp is monetized via Facebook Credits, which are used to purchase new appearance items, moves and gear. Some items can be purchased using the game’s soft currency, coins, but the more powerful ones must be bought using Credits after satisfying their unlock requirements.

Electrolab has been very active in updating Fight Camp since it entered private beta, adding new features and content. In-game messages indicate that even more new features are on the way, such as the ability to use respect points to train friends’ fighters.

You can follow Fight Camp’s progress using AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.