7 Amazing Hamster Videos To Make Your Day

Hamsters have had a long and solid relationship with the Internet, beginning with the infamous 1997 Hamster Dance Flash video and continuing through the present day. There are millions of YouTube hamster views and that’s no surprise. After all, hamsters are so small and cute and furry. Who wouldn’t love ’em? This week a couple of new ads came out, starring hamsters, so we were inspired to put together a collection of some of our favorite hamster clips. Enjoy!


OK, this isn’t exactly what you’d call “adorable”, but it certainly is a great use of hamsters in advertising. In this new ad for MTV from LaComunidadTV, a giant hamster expresses his frustration at the fact that his owner has neglected him due to an obsession with watching football.

Kia Soul “This or That”

Kia has also gone the route of life-sized hamsters in their campaign. The hamsters rap, ride down the street in a giant toaster, play basketball and show off the new Kia Soul. WARNING: This song, Black Sheep’s “The Choice Is Yours”, will get stuck in your head.

Mocha in “His First Broccoli!”

And now for one of the cutest YouTube clips of all time. In this video a dwarf hamster named Mocha eats his first piece of broccoli at 13 days old. He really is too cute for words, and over 4.2 million YouTube viewers can vouch for that. I dare you to watch this clip without cracking a smile.

THE LEGEND of Hamster on a piano eating popcorn!

This little guy is pretty freakin’ adorable too. I’m not sure why he’s lying on a piano to eat his popcorn, but he seems to be having a pretty good time.

Smoke – The Amazing Hamster Storing Food

In this clip a hamster stuffs his face with what appears to be more than his own weight in carrots and sunflower seeds. Just when you think he can’t fit any more food in his mouth he manages to get one more bite in.

Hamster Can’t Stop Spinning

This is one of the top hamster videos on YouTube, with more than 7.7 million views. It features a hamster running on his wheel too fast for his own good. He hits maximum velocity and can’t stop spinning around, and around, and around, and around…

Eyewitness News – Hamster’s Mug Shot???

In one of the funniest news bloopers on YouTube, with over 1.8 million views, the picture of a suspect in the disappearance of a young girl is replaced with none other than a hamster. We can only imagine how that picture ended up in the mix!