7 Cool cameras and accessories

Point-and-shoot cameras alright, but to capture some really interesting photos and video, check out the following cameras and accessories.

1. Pixel LD-W1 wireless remote control

Photographers and photojournalists often put themselves in harm’s way to capture an intense moment. Perhaps with the Pixel LD-W1 wireless remote control there will be less immediate danger to the photographer. The remote allows the operator up to 200 feet away and includes a cool LCD screen. Just make sure just in case anything happens that the camera itself is locked down or that you are a really fast runner.

2. Samsung Dual View TL220

By now, most people know how to achieve the “MySpace pose” — Use your arm to extend the camera as far away from you as possible, turn the lens toward you and snap the photo. The problem with this positioning is the LCD faces away from you, making harder to ensure that you’ve got the best shot. The new Samsung Dual View makes it easy to take photos of yourself, by yourself with LCD screens on both sides of the camera… making for a more effective MySpace pose.

3. Twin Video

If you want to add the same third-person point of view to your video, check out the Twin Video from Ion. The camera has two lenses, one on the front and one the back so you can record yourself as you record your video. Trippy, huh?

4. LifeCam HD webcam

Some webcams can make the person on the other end look like they are on the other side of a foggy shower mirror. The new line of LifeCam HD webcams capture 720p video and are a steal at under $50. Who knows… the higher quality video may just improve your work and social life.


Speaking of webcams, if it’s flexibility you need, the IPEVO CDVU-03IP Point 2 View (P2V) comes with a flexible base that allows you to better adjust the webcam picture. Also, the flashlight-like camera can be removed from the base and used as a lipstick camera to show off whatever you’re working on in detail.

6. GigaPan panorama mounts

GigaPan and panoramic photos have been covered here before, mostly because of the awesome technique and technology that can capture a larger image in a single photograph. GigaPan recently released three new panoramic mount models that aid in capturing a steady image: The Epic ($349)and Epic 100 ($449) and the Epic Pro ($895).

7. iPhone video rigs

A lot of great videography can be captured with simple cameras, including the video camera built into some iPhones. But if you want to take your iPhone video to the next level, get a hold of the OWLE iPhone Video/Rig or the new Smoothee rig from Steadicam. Both tools allow you to shoot steady video, perfect for creating professional video on the go or mini-movies like the one below.

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