7 Digital Marketing Stats That Grabbed Our Attention This Week

New mobile numbers, Facebook data, Airbnb in France and the Oscars

Digital companies and telecoms are increasingly building their presences on smartphones. Getty Images
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In another week of interactive marketing data, these seven stats caught our eye:

1. In-stream success
In May, Facebook began running tests for in-stream ads via the Facebook Audience Network, which lets brands run ads on various third-party websites. Facebook said the video promos have shown promising results for publishers such as Univision and Collective Press. For example, Univision has been using the format to help its direct sales business in the U.S., Colombia, Argentina and Mexico—with cost-per-impression in the U.S. reportedly 52 percent higher than with other partners.

2. Yet another numerical achievement for Mark Zuckerberg
Speaking of Facebook, its Analytics for Apps program is now being used by more than 1 million applications, websites and chat bots, according to Social Pro Daily.

3. Wanted: more digital transformation
PwC will release its 10th Digital IQ survey on Feb. 28, and we have a teaser stat: Just 52 percent of participating companies rated their digital IQ as strong/very strong. That number represents a sharp drop from the past two years, so it seems that organizations might be becoming increasingly self-critical in the era of digital transformation.

4. Billion-person reach
Google last night revealed it has partnered with international mobile carriers Orange, Deutsche Telekom and Globe to bring their customers Android Messages as a native messaging app on their phones. The move builds on Google’s similar deals with Sprint, Rogers and Telenor.

“We are now partnering with carriers representing more than 1 billion subscribers worldwide,” a Google rep noted via email.

5. Carte blanche, indeed
Airbnb has 68,000 listings in Paris, France, alone, a fact we learned after we selected its CMO, Jonathan Mildenhall, as one of our 15 Mobile Innovators for the Feb. 20th issue of Adweek magazine.

6. And the Academy Award goes to…
According to the digital chatter analyzed by Taykey, the tech company believes it can predict who will win the Oscars on Sunday night. It’s all about positive social sentiment.

Best Actor and Best Actress winners will be, per Taykey:

  • Andrew Garfield, lead actor on Hacksaw Ridge, who has 86 percent positive sentiment leading up to the awards.
  • Elle star Isabella Hubert will take home her first Oscar nod, with 76 percent positive sentiment leading up to the Oscars, edging La La Land’s Emma Stone, with 67 percent positive sentiment.

7. The going rate for smart tech
Ad-tech mergers and acquisitions have been newsmakers in recent years, and 2017 seems to be no different. The latest example: Amobee has agreed to acquire the ad-tech company Turn for $310 million, bringing both Turn’s data management platform and demand-side advertising platform into the Singtel-owned Amobee’s tech stack.

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@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.