7-Eleven & Blip.tv Launch Web-Based Reality Series

7-Eleven and Blip.tv have announced the launch of a new web-based reality series, 7-Eleven Road Trip Rally. The show, which premiers on May 10, will follow two teams as they race across the country, doing 7-Eleven inspired challenges along the way. 7-Eleven has been known for using social media for everything from job recruitment to spreading brand awareness. However, with the introduction of a web series, the largest convenience retailer in the United States is taking their web marketing campaign to a whole new level.

Cameras will follow the competitors as they race across the country and make their way to the finish line of the Indy 500 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Teams will start at opposite sides of the country and stop only at 7-Eleven for food and supplies. Daily webisodes will be posted at 711RoadTrip.com and viewers can also follow the show’s host Drew on Twitter for news and updates.

According to PRWeb, 7-Eleven’s chief marketing officer Rita Bargerhuff believes that 7-Eleven is ready to take the next step in web marketing and believes the series will have a great appeal to new customers on the Web. She says, “We’ve had great success with social media, so a web series made perfect sense.”

In a New York Times article about the 7-Eleven Road Trip Rally, Blip.tv VP Advertising Sales in New York, Evan Gotlib, said that more and more brands and marketers are moving towards web series for marketing. Just as 7-Eleven has embraced social media they are now at the forefront of branded web series as well. Do you think we will see an increase in branded web series? Do you think that the 7-Eleven Road Trip Rally will be a success?