7 Facebook Personalities To Avoid

Here are seven all-too-common Facebook personalities you should avoid.

Here are seven all-too-common Facebook personalities you should seek to avoid. At the very least, hide their posts from your news feed.

The Friend Who Is Full of Himself

“Modeling gig was incredible! Off to da beach house with ma homies!”

For some people, Facebook is a way to show the world just how hot they really are.

These types of people spam Facebook with self-taken glamour shots of themselves so that everyone can see that they are, in fact, hot stuff.

The Friend Who Should At Least Try To Be Modest

“Porsche is in the shop…again! Thinking of upgrading this piece of junk.”

That’s great and all, but we could really care less. Francis Bacon, an English philosopher once said, “The less people speak of their greatness, the more we think of it.”

The Friend Who Has 1,000 Friends Too Many

“Nate is now friends with Zackary Freeman and 34 other people”

Research has shown that the more wall posts and friends you have, the more narcissistic you appear, especially when the content you put up is of a self promoting nature.

Facebook not only feeds these people’s vanity, but increases the chance of Facebook scams, which take advantage of people’s inherent trust of the social network.

The Friend You Think Might Commit Suicide

“wondering about the day, it all went wrong…”

This person rarely updates their status, but, when he or she does, says something to that nature.

It’s in our nature to want sympathy and compassion, but getting it from a few likes on your status isn’t going to make you feel any better.

We all have our down days and the last thing people want to see in their own stressful lives is more stress, especially on a social platform they use to interact with their friends in a fun way.

The Friend Who Thinks His Life’s Daily Trivialities Actually Mean Something

“Breakfast today was delicious, going to be an AMAZING day!”

Guess what? Nobody cares! This person deems it necessary to entertain us with mundane details of his or her life because he or she is oh-so-important.

The Friend Who Can’t Get Over a Broken Heart

“Maybe, it was never meant to be…”

Every now and then you’ll have someone who has just broken up and feels it’s necessary to vent his or frustrations for the world to see.

That kind of talk belongs in confidential conversations with one’s closest friends; friend lists on Facebook include a lot of casual acquaintances who really don’t need to know about breakup details. Ranting about it on the social network looks pathetic.

The Friend Who Has No Life

“Catherine just found some White Mystery Eggs and wants to say thank you!”

Not only does spending time on random quizzes and Facebook apps look like you have way too much time on your hands, it annoys your friends whose news feeds are already cluttered.

Facebook statuses should offer some sort of value to people who read them by being insightful, interesting, or funny. Share personal details of your life only with friends who have strong personal connections to you.

A click of the mouse or typing of a few words may not seem much. But what you put on Facebook is remembered by your friends, family, and coworkers, affecting your relationships in real life.

Guest writer Nickolay Lamm is an Internet marketing specialist at InventHelp.

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