7 Interesting Digital Marketing Stats That Got Our Attention Last Week

Amazon Prime data, GE's Instagram approach, Lyft's gains and more

It was another interesting week in interactive data.
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After the Fourth of July, the world of digital marketing slowly warmed up last week. Here are seven stats that caught our eye.

1. Prime research sites
Amazon Prime Day, which lasts 30 hours, starts tonight. And according to a new survey from Bazaarvoice, Walmart (46 percent) and Target (40 percent) are the top two online retailers that Americans will research before buying an item via the ecommerce giant.

2. Digital skivvies
Creative commerce services provider Corra surveyed 1,000 adults about their spending habits and found that 39 percent of females would rather buy their intimates online than at a store, representing the highest percentage of women in that digital-versus-offline comparison for any product category.

3. General Electric’s interesting video approach
GE Health’s marketing team created a 30-minute documentary, called Heroines of Health, which tells the story of women bringing healthcare to their communities in India, Africa and Southeast Asia. Interestingly, each day, the brand is posting a one-minute clip to Instagram that tells a new part of the tale. Over the course of one month, the entire film will live on a dedicated Instagram account.

How’s it going so far? During its first week on Instagram, the one-minute clips garnered more than 250,000 views, 80,000 likes and 400 bookmarks.

4. Lyft shifts gears as rival stumbles
Ridesharing app Lyft is gaining on its troubled rival Uber, per Business Insider, which reported that Lyft is giving passengers 1 million rides per day in the United States. Analysts have stated that Lyft has at least 20 percent of the American market, with Uber still owning the lion’s share—despite its litany of PR problems in recent months.

5. Ice cream social, indeed
Since last summer, Halo Top Creamery’s sales have skyrocketed 2,500 percent by ramping up its Instagram marketing game, according to Digiday. The ice cream brand, per the publication, has increased social followers across platforms, jumping from 400,000 in August to 1 million. 

6. Ecommerce giant is finding its voice
Back to Amazon for a moment: According to a Voicebot report, Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa now has 15,000 skills, up from just 7,000 in January. That puts the company far ahead of its top rival Google, whose Home had just 378 voice apps as of June.

7. A pretty big truth persists
Pretty Little Liars has been a hot social brand for a few years now and continues to be, per Social Pro Daily. The Free Form (formerly ABC Family) show generated the most interactions across Facebook and Twitter of any TV series or special for the week of June 26, totaling nearly 1.3 million interactions on two social networks, according to Nielsen Social Content Ratings.

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