7 Moments From 2016 That Show Periscope Still Draws a Crowd

Livestreaming everything from hurricanes to Louis Vuitton

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Facebook Live, which is currently running an extensive TV campaign, has brought the idea of livestreaming into the mainstream. But what about Periscope, the app that in 2015 truly made live video "a thing" people talked about?

Well, despite many folks thinking Facebook Live has already won the battle for the space, Twitter-owned Periscope has had some very intriguing moments this year. Reps for the app gave Adweek a list of 2016 highlights, and these are the seven that caught our eye. 

1. Hurricane Matthew

ABC affiliate WCIV in Charleston, S.C. captured this September Hurricane, and its real-time effort—which went on for 12 hours—garnered 760,000 individual viewers. At about the 7-hour, 35-minute mark, the channel cut to live hurricane action as seen on the streets and beaches. 

2. Runway success

A Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris on Oct. 5 picked up more than 615,000 viewers. Check out the video in the tweet below.  

3. #BLM leader arrested

When Black Lives Matter organizer Deray Mckesson was arrested on July 10, fellow protester Johnetta Elzie played citizen broadcaster with great effect. Her livestream pulled in 654,000 viewers, while showing how Periscope can be a powerful tool for capturing historic moments.


4. Trump's upset

The Ringer, the brainchild of sports columnist Bill Simmons, attracted a huge crowd on election night last month, as GOP nominee Donald Trump pulled off a shocking upset of Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. The website attracted 339,000 viewers; so check out the footage below. 

5. Dallas tragedy

The shooting of five police officers in Dallas, Texas, in July shocked the nation. The Dallas Police Department's Periscope account, a few hours after the news hit, drew a crowd of more than 225,000 digital onlookers

6. Gwen and Blake

Singer Gwen Stefani Periscoped the backstage scene from her boyfriend Blake Shelton's concert in September, and 219,000 folks watched from afar.

7. Turkish parliament bombing

On July 15, the world's attention was turned to Ankara, Turkey, as a military coup—that ultimately failed—raged on. More than 119,000 people tuned in on Periscope thanks to the personal account of Turkish lawyer Ayse Sula Köseoğlu.

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