7 Questions to Help Determine if Your Brand Would Benefit From a Chatbot

It can help develop a deeper, more direct relationship with the consumer

Chatbots are not being explored enough by marketers, and it's a huge missed opportunity. Getty Images

ChatbotChatbots are here, and they are here to stay. For marketers, chatbots can help in many ways. I’ve seen bots span customer service, brand awareness, content, lead gen, gamification, product selection and conversational commerce. For example, the Sephora bot on Kik has a Beauty Uncomplicator that gives users personalized recommendations, ability to purchase within the bot and surfaces up content such as beauty tutorials and customer reviews. The GRAMMY bot on Facebook messenger not only offers a trivia game but also serves as a search bar for related GRAMMY artist content.

@mraudreywu Audrey Wu is vp strategic partnerships at Haptik.