7 Reasons Why Multicultural Community Managers Are Essential for a Brand’s Growth

Guest post by Natalie Asorey, senior associate and director of millennial content and research, BodenPR


This is a guest post by Natalie Asorey, senior associate and director of millennial content and research, BodenPR

With over 26 million Hispanics on Facebook and 12 million on Twitter, multicultural community managers are integral to business growth, as they have a unique firsthand perspective into the brand’s audience. Whether it’s finding out what drives engagement, or overall sentiment, multicultural community managers participate in real-time conversations with users, absorbing their feedback or their experience with the brand, what they appreciate and what they would like to see changed.

Multicultural community managers embody seven roles, outlined below, which are key to strengthening a brand’s reputation, consumer relationship longevity and ROI.

  1. Multicultural Chameleon: In today’s diverse marketplace, multicultural community managers facilitate a conversation across platforms and languages—from 140 characters to video to Spanglish —while seamlessly maintaining the brand voice.

    Bridge the gap between Gen Z, Baby Boomers and each segment in between, understanding each audience’s unique needs and language.

  1. Crisis Radar Technician: Being on the frontlines of user conversation enables multicultural community managers to identify and avert crisis in real-time to protect brand reputation.

    Provide key insight into consumers’ pain points, helping the brand develop and communicate an appropriate message in a voice that resonates naturally with the multicultural consumer.

  1. Trend Monitor: Multicultural community managers constantly have their finger on the pulse of what’s trending, with a distinct understanding of what captivates and disengages the audience to ascertain if a brand should capitalize on the trending topic.

    Trends are constantly evolving, from huge cultural moments like the ‘Fight of the Century’ between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao to fun topics like #FelizLunes and #MotivationMonday. When leveraged properly, trending topics are a great vehicle to amplify visibility and establish brand voice.

  1. Influencer Liaison: In the last few years, several talented multicultural content creators launched digital platforms across different niches to entertain and advise. Identifying social media influencers that have the right voice, cultural tie and platform to resonate with a brand is essential to ensuring growth, and multicultural community managers have a comprehensive understanding of what platforms, content and tone best engages the audience.

    Multicultural community managers also engage with influencers, amplifying their blog posts, videos and social media content to strengthen the relationship.

    Social media influencers are integral to brand growth leveraging their platform to drive visibility and provide third party credibility for the company.

  1. Analytical Savant: Their real-time view into user engagement and in-depth knowledge of measurement platforms empower multicultural community managers to accurately evaluate if a campaign effectively increased ROI.

    They are able to extract the right data to ensure business goals are met and the right platforms are leveraged to engage a multicultural audience.

  1. Content Cultivators: Multicultural community managers have extensive knowledge of the brand’s audience, which enables them to have a strong POV on content performance.

    Multicultural community managers’ insight ensures that the content development team produces the right content that will perform strongly on social and engage with a multicultural audience.

  1. Community Nurturers: Multicultural community managers ensure users feel valued by engaging in an authentic and culturally relevant way, answering questions and routing requests to customer service when needed. They nurture a peaceful and positive environment removing negative, trolling users and encouraging brand appreciation.

    Brands social media channels are often the first place consumers go to learn about company announcements, vent their frustrations and express their appreciation for and loyalty to a company making it a fertile place for brand growth.

Multicultural community managers’ unique ability to influence and drive diverse consumer engagement, while providing vital insight into the audience’s perspective on the company, makes them indispensable to a brand’s growth. They embody the roles outlined above to increase a company’s position in the industry landscape and strengthen campaigns for a strong competitive advantage.


Natalie Asorey is senior associate and director of millennial content and research at BodenPR, a national U.S. Hispanic PR & Social Media agency. The company’s client roster includes McDonald’s, Target, PepsiCo. and Jardencs among others. 

You can find Asorey on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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