7 Social Stats Reveal Which Super Bowl Advertisers Teased Their Campaigns Best

A bevy of exclusive engagement data

Wix.com had a stronger teaser campaign.
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From Dec. 1, 2016 through Saturday, Origami Logic tracked engagement stats for Super Bowl advertisers to see which brands’ posts and teasers were generating the most buzz. The marketing analytics software company looked at engagement data on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram to help the industry understand which advertisers have already been getting a big bang for their buck going into the Game. (A 30-second spot for Super Bowl LI costs $5 million, after all.)

Here’s what Origami Logic learned, given exclusively to Adweek:

1. Top five most engagements (likes, comments, shares, favorites and retweets)
Bud Light: 192,619
Mr. Clean: 93,700
Avocados from Mexico: 85,031
T-Mobile: 82,061
Nintendo: 76,497

2. Top five brands for likes and favorites
Bud Light: 139,765
Nintendo: 66,017
Tiffany & Co: 60,149
T-Mobile: 56,931
Mr. Clean: 44,527

3. Top five brands for comments
Mr. Clean: 15,417
Wix.com: 14,474
Bud Light: 14,097
Snickers: 11,322
Nintendo: 10,477

4. Top five brands for shares and retweets
Bud Light: 38,757
Avocados from Mexico: 36,652
Mr. Clean: 33,756
T-Mobile: 21,786
Skittles: 7,673

5. Top five brands for YouTube video views
Wix.com: 10,731,901
Skittles: 7,485,179
Audi: 5,695,994
Mr. Clean: 5,539,038
Bud Light: 5,119,529

6. Top five most active brands (number of posts, tweets, photos and videos)
Snickers: 64
Wix.com: 52
Bud Light: 48
Febreze: 30
[yellow tail]: 27

7. Engagement by channel
Facebook: 524,955 (61 percent of total)
YouTube: 160,911 (19 percent of total)
Instagram: 97,713 (11 percent of total)
Twitter: 78,657 (9 percent of total)

Other notables
According to Origami Logic’s research, Wix.com may have timed its Super Bowl commercial reveal perfectly, accruing more than 8 million views across a series of teasers posted on YouTube on Jan. 17, 24 and 28, and the actual commercial on Jan. 29. (Check out the first in that series below.)

Mr. Clean’s memorable commercial featuring its iconic character—placed in augmented reality—has been the most hotly discussed this year, accruing more than 15,000 comments across Facebook and YouTube.

Avocados from Mexico’s Facebook post revealing its Big Game spot is the most engaged brand content to date with more than 95,000 engagements.

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.