7 Status Updates That Will Help You Get Some Action

Here are seven status updates that will help you hook up.

Whether seven’s your lucky number or not, that’s the number of ideas we’ve come up with for status updates that will help you get lucky!

Try posting one of these and watch what happens.

Of course, they will work better if the statements are actually true, but perhaps you could work out those details in time to score some action with someone special — or even a new friend for one night.

That said, below are seven status updates that will help you get lucky. Readers, if you know of any other good ones, please share them in the comments section.

1. I just won a million dollars. Now all I need is to win the perfect girlfriend/boyfriend.

2. I’m sitting in a hot tub all alone with a bottle of Dom Perignon. Anyone want to come over?

3. I’ve got an extra ticket for (fill in the blank] that I’d prefer to give to someone cute.

4. I just signed a record/book/movie deal with (major label/publisher/production studio).

5. The doctor just diagnosed me with priapism.

6. I’ve got an extra backstage pass to Barry White and need someone to hold my hand.

7. The (name of professional team) has made me an offer.

Readers, we’d love to hear reports of your exploits with awesome status updates. And for your added entertainment, we’ve embedded a video about Facebook hook-ups below.