7 Ways to Use Facebook’s Carousel Ads

Facebook introduced carousel ads in February, and the format has been successful thus far.

Facebook introduced carousel ads in February, and the format has been successful thus far, with the social network touting costs per conversion 30 percent to 50 percent lower than single-image link ads.

Account manager Gina Lauber shared seven ways for brands on Facebook to take advantage of carousel ads in a Facebook for Business post:

Highlight a single product: While carousel ads may be ideal for showcasing multiple products, they can also be used to point out multiple features of a single product.


Show people how to use your product: Carousel ads can be used to demonstrate how products are used, step-by-step.


Give people a tour of your mobile application: Give potential users a taste of the in-app experience.


Share resources and articles: Businesses that sell services rather than products can use carousel ads to highlight articles describing their services.


Tell your product story: Brands can use carousel ads to “tell stories in a beautiful, engaging way” by picking the right photos.


Tell your customers’ stories: Photos of customers using products not only helps drive results, but leads to similar photos being shared with the company.


Showcase your product catalog: This goes back to the original purpose of carousel ads—to showcase multiple products in a single ad unit.


Lauber wrote:

If you’re interested in showing multiple products in a single ad unit, you may also be interested in combining the carousel format with dynamic product ads. The combo helps businesses connect with their website and mobile app visitors by showing them the products or similar products to the ones they viewed on their site.

Advertisers: Have you used Facebook’s carousel ads?

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