8.55 Million Viewers Tuned In to CBS Debate

About the same who are blaming the DNC for this, probably.

The good news is that more people watched the CBS Democratic primary debate Saturday night than any other broadcast that evening. The bad news is, Saturday night is not exactly network TV’s hottest night for ratings. The debate, the first of this cycle broadcast on network TV, averaged 8.55 million viewers, according to Nielsen time adjusted live plus same day fast national ratings.

The numbers are a part of the continuing decline in viewership for the primary debates, although this time the drop, about 5 million off of the preceding debate, FBN’s GOP primary, is a lot sharper.

CBSN, CBS’ livestreaming network, had 1.2 million livestreams of the debate.

Many viewed the drop in ratings less as a natural falloff and more as one engineered by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC to purposely schedule debates for dates and times conducive to low viewership, as a way to protect Hillary Clinton and make sure the debates don’t negatively affect her lead.

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