8 Facebook Wedding Etiquette Tips

The explosion in popularity of Facebook has engendered an entirely new etiquette for couples counting down to their wedding days.

Wedding season fast approaches, and with it we can expect to see a surge in postings related to nuptials. A poll currently running on Facebook, shows that engagement announcements figure in people’s minds as among the most memorable status updates.

The rise in Facebook’s general popularity has brought with it an entirely new etiquette for brides and grooms to follow as they plan the nuptials. Here are a few tips for using the social network effectively when planning your wedding day.

Announce The Engagement On Facebook

Because Facebook is such a visual medium, the social networking site is ideal for sharing the news with friends and family who are far away. Post a picture of the ring (without boasting about the size of the rock!) and write about your beauand some of the details of the engagement on Facebook — better yet, link to a longer post about the happy occasion on your blog. Of course, notify your Facebook friends after you’ve personally informed your close family and friends.

Share The Wedding Date

Sharing the date on Facebook is perfectly fine since most of your friends, colleagues and acquaintances will likely ask you about the big day. But keep any status updates short and to the point to be sensitive to the broader audience — that is, those who won’t be participating in the wedding.

Don’t Use Facebook For Invitations

Most people’s Facebook friend lists contain more people than they can afford to invite to their wedding reception and ceremony, so avoid including details about location and place of the event ahead of time so as not to make anyone feel left out. A more effective tool is Facebook’s groups or pages functionality, which can be used to create a pre-party area for before and after the event. These are also great places to post travel and lodging information and help guests coordinate travel with each other.

Don’t Post Registry Data On Your Profile

Because most people have more Facebook friends than they can afford to invite to a wedding, so posting any kind of registry or gift request might come off the wrong way.

Stay In Touch With Vendors

Using Facebook as a portal for managing the vendors is one of the most practical ways that Facebook can help with the big day. Business pages on the social network allow for brides and planners to do research on, and stay in touch with, their team of vendors.

Stay Offline During the Nuptials

A bride or groom’s status should not be changed during the ceremony. In fact, the happy couple should unplug for the whole day and focus on the friends and family. However, planners could consider appointing a chief social networking point person for the entire affair to handle all facets of Facebook, as well as Flickr or Twitter.

Share Your Memories Of The Big Day

Specifically, post photos or have the wedding photographer post photos of the big day on Facebook. Friends, work colleagues and acquaintances alike will be curious and want to see the pictures.

Don’t Complain On Facebook

Keep a happy tone about the day in all your posts to the site, since the content will become part of your memories. No matter what, don’t complain about guests, vendors or your mother-in-law-from-hell as part of your updates on Facebook. Be mindful of what constitutes too much information.

Readers, what do you think about our suggestions in this post? Have you seen any examples of less-than-perfect social etiquette on Facebook surrounding a wedding — share your observations, experiences and advice in the comments section.

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