8 Intriguing Digital Marketing Stats From This Week

Snapchat, Instagram, ad blocking and more

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From Snapchat to tech-marketing analyst Mary Meeker to Salesforce, the past several days have brought a bevy of marketing stats that should interest digital players. 

Below are eight stats that caught our eye:

1. It took just four years

Citing unnamed sources, a Bloomberg story on Thursday reported that Snapchat has 150 million people using the service every day, which the publication says tops Twitter's daily figure of 140 million users. Twitter most recently reported 310 million monthly users, but the company hasn't recently revealed how many daily users it has. But Twitter has said that roughly 44 percent of monthly users are active daily in it 20 biggest markets, so Bloomberg appears to be using those data points to come to its conclusion.

At any rate, the report is interesting since Twitter launched in 2006, while Snapchat debuted in 2012. 

2. Mobile web is key

According to Google, 90 percent of people leave a mobile website if it isn't performing to their standards. The stat underscores the importance that all businesses—big or small—need to have a strong mobile website in this day and age. 

3. Ad blockers afoot

Mary Meeker's presentation at Re/code's Code Conference on Wednesday included data from video company Unruly suggesting that the boon in online advertising isn't great for consumers. Ninety-two percent of 3,200 internet users surveyed said that they'd consider using an ad blocker, and 62 percent of people said that they are annoyed by preroll ads. 

And Digiday reported that, among an international set of folks who knew about ad blockers, 80 percent use them on desktop and 46 percent do the same on smartphones. To arrive at the numbers, Midia Research, a London-based media research and consulting company, surveyed 3,600 consumers age 16 and older in the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia, France and Sweden.

4. Insta-biz

According to Instagram, about half of its 400 million users now follow a business on the platform and even more—around 60 percent—say they've learned about products on Instagram. Click here to read about how the Facebook-owned app is giving small business more data tools. 

5. So many new Facebook emojis

Facebook Messenger on Thursday introduced 1,500 emojis, including red-headed emojis and female police officer emojis. Most importantly, the chat app now allows users to customize an emoji's skin color.

6. Double targeting

There is such a thing as a double-decker bus ad network, and here's why brands are testing the concept: Sprint, working with agency Mediavest and Vector Media, in Chicago combined mobile ads via beacon technology with large ads that appear on sightseeing buses, and on billboards along the routes driven. 

During a winter holiday effort in the Windy City, per Vector Media, 48 percent of the bus-riding tourists targeted saw a Sprint mobile ad. The campaign pushed the brand's data packages and beat the average industry engagement by 587 percent. 

7. Tasty social

Mondelez is getting more and more into recipe videos on social media. It's not hard to understand why: One of its how-to clips for turning Triscuits into "cheddar and sour cream cheese bites" has received more than 23 million views on Facebook.

8. Big bucks for ecommerce

Salesforce was willing to pay the pricey sum of $2.8 billion for ecommerce software company Demandware. It makes one wonder how much marketing software giant Marketo—which is reportedly an acquisition target for the likes of Microsoft, SAP, IBM, Adobe, etc.—will go for. 

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.
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