80% of Consumers Use Digital Devices to Contact Customer Service (Report)

Four out of give customers reach out to brands for customer service on social media, and millennials are most likely to contract brands using cell phones than baby boomers are.

Social media has changed our sense of identity, as well as how we communicate. As people become more dependent on social media, they demand more, including customer service and ecommerce. A report from business process outsourcing provider Startek examines how social and mobile are affecting consumer engagement.

With social media becoming a hub for all internet activity, communication of all kinds has changed and, in many cases, become easier. 77 percent of the 1,000 survey respondents said it’s easy to communicate with companies digitally, and about 80 percent use social media, email or chat to contact companies. 

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In contrast to recent years, most consumers surveyed reported having positive customer-service experiences through social media. 38 percent of consumers reported Facebook as the best social CS destination, while 30 percent preferred Google+, 9 percent preferred LinkedIn and 8 percent rated Twitter best.

When brands make themselves available on social media, customers will come to them. 51 percent of respondents seek out companies to learn about products, services or the company, and 30 percent want to ask for help. With more than 20 percent of surveyed consumers seeking out brands on social to lodge complaints, it’s important to maintain quick customer-service response rates.

The report concludes with the advice that it’s important to remain agile when it comes to maintaining your social presence:

With technology a part of consumers’ everyday life, brands must evolve and develop a digital customer engagement strategy to successfully reach their consumers–especially millennials. Social networks offer a unique opportunity for authentically engaging with your consumers, it is key to align your customer engagement strategy with different channels so audiences can foster meaningful interactions and have a positive brand experience.

Download the full report for more details.