Making a Blog Look Great on the iPad Just Got One Step Harder

There’s a dream shared by some bloggers: we want our blogs to look something like iPad apps (’cause they’re pretty). A couple weeks ago Onswipe released a new blog design for WordPress blogs that was supposed to help fulfill that dream.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work that well.

This new blog design is the first product released by Onswipe, a company that plans to revolutionize tablet publishing. The design is based on the work put into Padpressed, a similar blog design released last year (it never got out of beta). Onswipe is giving this design away free as a way to draw attention to its other products and services.

I tried to install the design on my blog (twice), and it never worked. I’ve also been watching for other installs, and it does not appear to work all that well. One friend tried it for a few hours and then removed it; he said that it consumed too much CPU time on his server and required extra work to design and publish content.

I didn’t keep a list of other sites where the design didn’t work, unfortunately. But I did note the names of the 3 sites that used this design when it was released; all have since stopped using it. In fact, the image I use at the beginning of the post is from one of the sites that stopped using this design.

I don’t think we’re ever going to see an iPad style blog design in wide spread use. This first attempt came over a year after the iPad was released and it’s not worth using. I suspect other developers have tried to make a similar design and given up. That could be why none have been released.

I suspect that the problem is because an app is static, but a blog is not. An app just has to show the one set of content while a blog has to generate a new page each time the blog is visited. This could add up to a lot of CPU time for the server hosting the blog.

P.S. If you’d like to see the new design, you can visit the Onswipe blog from your iPad.

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