9 Digital Marketing Stats That Really Caught Our Eye This Week

Lots of mobile, lots of Facebook

It was a healthy week in the realm of interactive numbers. iStock.com
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It’s been a fast-paced week in the world of data around digital-marketing subjects. Check out the nine stats that caught our eye below.

1.  Snapchat goes public
Snap Inc., which owns Snapchat, made $404.5 million in revenue during 2016, up from $58.7 million in 2015. In the fourth quarter, Snap netted $165.7 in revenue with $145.4 of that coming from the U.S.

Thanks largely to its relatively new ads API, though, Snap expects to see soaring sales and is filing a $3 billion IPO.

2. Not just poking around
new report from app analytics firm Sensor Tower found that Pokemon Go—a mobile game that was released on July 6, 2016—has already reached $1 billion in revenue. Almost puts Snapchat’s sales figures to shame, right?

3. Tough times abroad
New York research firm eMarketer said magazine ad sales in the U.K. are slowing by 5 percent over all, despite British publications’ 4 percent gain from digital.

4. Uber becomes target during immigration protests
Uber faced sharp criticism for allegedly trying to profit off last weekend’s immigration ban protests, as taxi drivers in New York went on strike in support of the protests. (Uber sent messages saying that it had turned off its surge pricing as it continued to pick up passengers from John F. Kennedy International Airport.) The criticism resulted in #DeleteUber trending on Twitter.

According to data analytics firm 4C Insights, Uber’s chief rival, Lyft, had 100,000 social media engagements on Saturday due to the hubbub, with 71 percent positive sentiment. However, Uber had around 42,000 social engagements on the same night, with only 57 percent positive.

5. Fakebook?
Interactive Advertising Bureau president Randall Rothenberg called fake news “a moral failure” at his organization’s leadership summit earlier this week. On Wednesday, GOP pollster Frank Lutz tweeted out research that shed some light on the problem.

6. Second-screen savants
Adweek commissioned Survata to survey 1,000 consumers aged 18-54—who plan to watch the Super Bowl—about their digital consumption around the Big Game. Fake news or no fake news, 49 percent of them said they planned to log onto Facebook during the football contest between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots. Check out the full study here.

7.  Social is mobile
There’s little doubt that many of those Super Bowl watchers will be checking the social network’s smartphone app. According to Facebook’s earnings report on Wednesday, mobile advertising accounted for 84 percent of its 2016 fourth-quarter revenue—up from 80 percent during the same period the previous year.

8. Nice boxing, indeed
Dropbox CEO Drew Houston said his company, which may IPO this year like Snapchat, is on pace for a $1 billion revenue run rate, per TechCrunch.

9. Open to romance
Per GoDaddy’s email marketing division, using “romance” in Valentine’s Day subject lines improves open rates by more than 70 percent. It also found that the best day to send V-Day marketing messages is Monday, Feb. 6.

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