9 Facebook Pages To Watch On President's Day

President's Day is a time to remember the contributions of U.S. leaders from the recent, and not so recent, past; and Facebook can serve to connect users around the world with the nation's unique history.

President’s Day is a time to remember the contributions of U.S. leaders from the recent, and not so recent, past; and Facebook can serve to connect users around the world with the nation’s unique history.

Facebook pages have enshrined the accomplishments of many of the nation’s great presidents. Here’s a look at nine of them, starting with the current Commander in Chief.

Barack Obama

President Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign maintains a Facebook page with more than 25 million supporters.

Fans can expect to find frequent updates about policy issues to more intimate glimpses into his family life, like photos of daughters Malia and Sasha frolicking with the family dog.

Obama’s page encourages a two-way discussion about the issues that matter to people who like his page.

George W. Bush

Since the nation’s 43rd president launched his Facebook page in June 2010, he has amassed over 1.7 million fans.

On Facebook, Bush supports programs like the Women’s Initiative Fellowship Program and highlights his world travels to countries as diverse as Haiti, Zambia and Ethiopa. Thousands of Facebook users like and comment on Bush’s posts: His 2011 Christmas card received more than 73,000 likes.

Bill Clinton

President Bill Clinton uses his Facebook page to promote the work of the Clinton Foundation, which brings together global business leaders and nonprofit activists in pursuit of climate and health access reforms.

Clinton frequently posts photos and videos from his world travels, and engages directly with Facebook users by challenging them to contribute to humanitarian causes like the Haiti Relief Fund.

Jimmy Carter

President Jimmy Carter’s Presidential Library has an official Facebook page, with posts that seek to build on the former president’s legacy of promoting education and humanitarian development throughout the world.

Carter’s page features downloadable educational materials on humanitarian work and presidential history for teachers.

Ronald Reagan

The Ronald Reagan Library and Foundation Facebook page serves as a collaborative experience for visitors and fans of the 40th president.

The library regularly posts memorable Reagan quotes and users have posted images and videos from their visits. The page was also a centerpiece for Reagan’s 101st birthday celebration this month.

And memories of U.S. presidents from the nation’s less recent past are also kept alive on Facebook.

John Kennedy

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum page frequently posts notes and messages that provide glimpses inside the life of President Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis.

Hundreds of photos and personal notes are available for the page’s nearly 14,000 fans to peruse and share with friends.

Dwight Eisenhower

President Dwight Eisenhower’s presidential library page has over 2,500 fans and posts updates nearly every day.

Recent posts have highlighted some of the musical performances at the Eisenhower Library, as well as marking National Salute to Veterans Week.

This year, the library commemorated Salute to Veterans Week with a photograph of President and Mrs. Eisenhower greeting wounded soldiers.

Theodore Roosevelt

The nation’s 26th president is remembered with a user-created page that features more than 23,000 likes.

Fans from countries around the world routinely post quotes from Roosevelt’s speeches, vintage video from his 1904 and 1912 presidential campaigns, and images of Roosevelt on safari and on the campaign trail. The page is a testament to Roosevelt’s ability to inspire more than 100 years after his presidency.

Thomas Jefferson

Even one of the Founding Fathers has a Facebook presence, with over 14,000 fans collaborating to build the page called Thomas Jefferson: American.

The page is a decentralized project by Facebook users to build a prominent digital home for the third president. The page features links to Jefferson’s writings on political philosophy, as well as links to other political Facebook pages that are discussing Jefferson’s ideas and writings.

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