9 (More) Brands That Gave Us Their Takes on ‘Mad Men’

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While our own Tonya Garcia already offered a quick list of social media promos tied to last night’s “Mad Men” premiere, we couldn’t resist a follow-up.

See, there was one question we just had to answer: Is real-time marketing deader than Don Draper’s career?

Find out after the jump!

Burger King answered the timeless sort-of question “u mad bro” with a “meh”:

Old Spice might have had a pun in mind but went with “watch our commercial” instead:

A week ago, Netflix reminded us why we watch the show in the first place (it’s Sally):

Shock Top gave us instructions for an awkward cocktail:

Quaker confirmed its status as something Don Draper would almost certainly never eat:

The New York Jets reminded us that football players sometimes wear suits in the off-season:

Thanks to a little product placement, Bulova didn’t need to tweet:

Ritz Crackers showed us how to class things up:


…and Monopoly twisted the show’s best quote:


While we do respect the effort put forth on behalf of these companies, we also wonder whether the “real-time market every pop culture event” trend is dying down a bit…

Last night’s lineup was certainly smaller than the one we compiled for last week’s “Game of Thrones” premiere–but then so was the audience.

Maybe most brands realized that tying their products to the show at this point might seem a bit forced. Or maybe they were more excited about King Joffrey’s wedding than chapter 7 of Don’s unraveling.

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