Facebook Slashes Ad Size, To Squeeze More Of Them In

Facebook has cut the maximum size of ads by a third, effective February 29.

February 29 was mentioned again in a context that had to do with advertising and marketing on Facebook, and this time it involves the number of characters that can be included in the body of ads.

Facebook account managers are apparently telling page managers that at the end of month, the character limit for the body ads on the social network will drop to 90, from the current ceiling of 135.

The invitation-only Facebook Marketing Conference will take place in New York on that day, and we previously reported speculation that the social network will use that event to introduce timeline for pages.

Shorter ads would make it easier to fit more of them onto the screen, something that Facebook has already been testing.

Perhaps in anticipation of the full rollout of timeline and its addition to pages, Facebook has squeezed as many as seven ads into the right-hand side of some users’ screens, up from six ads in December.

We’ve observed that users who see the largest number of ads are folks who’ve:

  • Never opted to hide any ads (by clicking on the x that appears when you move your cursor to the upper right-hand corner over a promotion);
  • Filled in the interests sections of profiles with keywords that advertisers seek; and
  • Have clicked like on a lot of things and never bothered to edit the likes section of their profiles.

We’ve yet to learn whether a comparable reduction in the price of ads accompanies the smaller maximum size, but that’s something more than one commenter on our wall has brought up.

We know that demand for ads continues to rise so it’s possible the prices might not go down as a result of smaller ad size — it all depends on how advertisers bid.

Readers: How do you feel about seeing a larger number of ads that are each shorter in length?

Many thanks to Eti Suruzon for the tip.

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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