A Complete Ranking of the Most Popular Profiles on Google+ and 5 Other Social Networks

Social ranking sites like Klout have made a person’s influence online very valuable to both brands and consumers. But the next wave of influence tracking systems might look more like ZoomSphere, a site for ranking brand and profile pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

ZoomSphere.com is the product of MicroMedia, a developer and aggregator of content for mobile phones based in the Czech Republic. The site offers a broader perspective on which brands have the most influence in countries around the world.

But that’s not to say that the reports lack detail.  ZoomSphere uses different metrics for each social media platform to provide daily, weekly, and monthly data on the top pages on the Web.  As of February 15, here are the top pages on Google+ in the United States, ranked by number of followers:

  1. Red Hot Chili Peppers (681,587)
  2. Pearl Jam (672,499)
  3. 106 and Park (643,315)
  4. Team Coco (606,875)
  5. Train (561,120)
  6. ESPN (546,434)
  7. Linkin Park (476,481)
  8. Samsung USA (383,960)
  9. Android (375,497)
  10. Zagat (364,994)

It would take all day to post the stats for every country on every site, but here are some of the things you can find out about the top brands for each:

  • Facebook: fans and most talked-about pages
  • Google+: activities, plus ones, engagement, shares, and comments for a local business or place; company, institution or organization; arts, entertainment or sports
  • LinkedIn: most-followed companies
  • Pinterest: followers, pins, and likes
  • Twitter: followers, tweets, and Klout scores for both artist profiles and brand pages
  • YouTube: subscribers, video views, and uploads

Considering how many countries are on the list, it was surprising not to see stats for networks like Renren in China or Mixi in Japan. But the global reach did make for some interesting results. Soccer fan pages are very popular outside the United States; and “Jesus Daily,” a movement to “help 50,000 people accept Christ this year,” was the most talked-about Facebook page around the world with 1, 578, 303 mentions at the time of this post.

The most intriguing data came from Pinterest. Because the site is relatively new and isn’t completely saturated with companies, the most-followed pages still belong to individual people who post on a regular basis, like Christine Martinez, an Oakland resident with a cute dog and a “penchant for pretty.” Pinterest co-founder Ben Silbermann is the third most popular user, with 883,659 followers as of February 15th.

YouTube star Freddiew had 419, 743 video views that day, with “Milk Man: World’s Worst Superhero” being the most popular. The reports include a link to the most-viewed videos and a one-paragraph summary of their contents.

There’s a search bar for finding the brands that didn’t make the top of the list, and users can suggest pages that don’t turn up in the results at all. In a space that’s getting crowded not only with brand pages, but also social media sites, the tool is great for getting a snapshot of which companies and social networks are currently on top.


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