A Fan Contest Not A Costume Competition

This writer’s friend Nicole Lawler aka “The Good Witch of the South Side” won the White Sox Pride of the Game contest Tuesday night at Sox Park. She earned a year’s supply of Pepsi and two tickets behind homeplate on Sept. 19, when she will compete with others for Fan of the Year to possibly win 2007 season tickets. Here’s the backstory on the outfit straight from Nicole:

“I made the skirt with a wide black “V” waistband, so that when worn with the black blouse, it blends in. To drive to the game, I can’t wear the skirt because of the hoops. So I just wear yoga pants underneath and put it on in the parking lot when we get there. Baseball pinstripe fabric is not sold in stores anywhere or online. I had to order a whole bolt from a specialty supplier out east. Then I added the black band with pinwheels, which were all “hand-glittered.” LOL!! Yes, this was super time-consuming. I worked on it all summer, on and off as I had time.”

The easiest part of her ensemble was the glitter- and sequin-encrusted baseball magic wand, she says; the hardest, the World Series trophy crown. “That was tough,” she says. “But I think it turned out very well.”

Nicole says she got picked out for the contest the moment she walked into the ballpark. The audience voted her a winner with their enthusiastic applause after the sixth inning. “It was a whole lot of fun,” she says. “Everyone was looking, of course, and so many people came up to me to take pictures.”

Her plan for Sept. 19th? “I’m going to jazz it up a little more for the 19th,” she says. “I wanted to make a puffy-sleeved top to look more like Glinda, but I didn’t have time. Plus I’m going to add more rhinestones to the top. After all, a good witch can’t sparkle too much!”

We wish the The Good Witch of the South Side lots of good luck!