A Few Details About the Upcoming Twitter Analytics

News broke yesterday at TechCrunch Disrupt that Twitter Web Analytics are on the way. Currently in beta format, we have a few details about the kind of information that will be available once it goes public, including: monthly, daily, and weekly click numbers generated by tweets sent from a site’s “Tweet” button; and top links for the day, week, or month.

Measurement is a big PR focus right now, so this service couldn’t come soon enough.

With this information, publicists will be able to pinpoint what’s really getting passed around — either a client’s content or a story placement where the client is mentioned — which can not only show PR’s value on social media, but help steer a campaign in the direction of interest toconsumers.

Besides what’s mentioned on TechCrunch, what other information would you like to glean from this new analytics tool?

And just in case you didn’t see Nielsen’s Social Media Report, here’s a link. Some trends: using mobile devices for social networking; the prominence of Facebook; high activity among women and growing social media activity among those over 50 years old; and Tumblr is on the rise.

(This is the story that tweet from Slate links to.)