A Heartwarming Award for Bret Baier

The American Heart Association honors FNC anchor Bret Baier Friday night at this year’s “Heart’s Delight,” the 11th annual event of its kind.

Baier will receive the Leadership Award Heart Association. He’ll be guest of honor at their annual Vintners dinner held in Andrew Mellon Auditorium. More than 400 guests from the political, business and political communities will attend the event.

There are personal reasons associated with why Baier is getting this award. Baier and his wife, Amy, are avid supporters of the Children’s National Medical Center. The Heart Association is honoring Baier for his chronicle of his son, Paul’s, heart issues at birth, Paul’s open heart surgeries and the amazing recovery he has made. The association is honoring him for raising awareness and bringing attention to the reality that heart disease “affects all ages and knows no boundaries.” With the successful surgeries that are behind Baier and plans for his son’s future surgeries highlight the work of the American Heart Association.

There are other heartwarming things going on for Baier and his wife. This summer they are expecting a second child. Their son Paul is doing well and they’ve just finished setting up the nursery for the new baby scheduled to arrive this summer.

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