A Late Night Pool Report With Attitude


In an unusually snappy White House Pool Report that came in late last night, Politico‘s Josh Gerstein injected personal thoughts and sarcasm into what he saw, including a sad face emoticon. It’s settled. We want more Gerstein Pool Reports.

Right out of the gate, it seemed rude to us that they didn’t drop at least one place of hors d’oeuvres off for the pool. “POTUS and FLOTUS spent about an hour and 45 minutes at the US reception for UNGA attendees at the NYPL. We did not see the first couple, but plates of hors d’oeuvres were passing by the pool hold for a while.”

The weather is always a big hit in Pool Reports. “Motorcade departed at 9:29 pm .While it is no longer raining here in midtown Manhattan, we were advised at last minute that due to weather we will apparently be driving to JFK :(“

A pinch of sarcasm and personal thought: “Our motorcade route took us past Grand Central Station. Indeed we just turned NORTH so a drive it is. We went across the former Triboro Bridge now known as the RFK Bridge and passed by LaGuardia airport, which Obama trashed today at CGI. No word on whether he offered a special salute. While I share some of POTUS’s dismal memories of LGA, it actually didn’t look bad from the highway–was gleaming, even.”

Something for everyone…“Motorcade buffs: despite the last minute call, we had full intersection control and barricades until we hit the bridge out of Manhattan.” More weather reportage…“Weather didn’t look too bad all the way out though there were a couple of buildings whose tops looked a bit foggy.”


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