A Little Birdy Tells Us…

That National Journal is nixing some of its own reporters out of this weekend’s parties revolving around the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Last night was the shindig at Publisher David Bradley’s beautiful home in Kalorama, to which even some senior journalists  were not invited. More were allowed into their “Making the News” party last night co-hosted with The Atlantic at The Powerhouse in Georgetown. But tonight’s pre-party at the Washington Hilton? It’s a no go.

“This weekend isn’t about us, the 8th and 9th floor make that abundantly clear,” an NJ employee told FishbowlDC on condition of anonymity. “No news organization brings all its employees to every event, but you’d think they’d get everyone into the pre-party.”

It’s unclear how the choices were made. “I don’t know how anyone got picked,” our source explained.

National Journal Publicist Ben Fishel explained to FishbowlDC, “We invited various staff members to different events throughout the weekend, but remember we have several publications here: NJ, Atlantic, Atlantic Wire, NJ Daily, Hotline, Quartz, Government Executive, and lots of employees. We’d obviously love to have everyone come but then… we might not have room for outside guests.”

In the few years that Politico has hosted its Sunday brunch at Publisher Robert Allbritton’s home, only a certain tier of reporters are invited, certainly not the rank and file. There are also more than a few murmurings that campaign embeds for a certain news network were not invited to the party.




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