A Little Birdy Tells Us…

That Politico‘s Maggie Haberman was in Washington Tuesday and sitting at — hope you’re sitting down for this — Jonathan Martin’s old desk. Wait a second… is the New York City-based scribe who has the exact same title that JMart had going to officially fill his shoes? If you missed the pictures of Messy Martin’s war-torn workspace yesterday, see here. Thankfully for Haberman, who doesn’t seem like she’d tolerate a lot of clutter or ever get ambushed by the team on “Hoarders,” the desk was clean.

“I wondered whose polka dot bag that was. Let the rumors and gossip begin!” a colleague remarked.

Not to go all woo woo here… but if Haberman sticks around the Rosslyn bureau for much longer she may want avoid opening drawers and light a sage smudge stick to wave around the desk to ward off sloppy spirits.

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