A Look At Kindle 2.5 Firmware

Here at eBN HQ, Amazon’s actually got us giddy with anticipation, as if the Kindle were an Apple product. Kindle firmware 2.5 is set to launch soon, and Amazon’s already beamed it down to a few lucky people, including the folks at Ars Technica, who have done us eager folks the favor of showing off the new features this firmware will bring to Kindle.

Kindle users will have, as you can see in Ars Technica’s screenshot above, access to Facebook and Twitter for sharing highlighted passages (the system will create a link you can then tweet), but also, most usefully, collections, so eBooks can be grouped and organized. Plus there are a few other niceties, like the ability to lock your Kindle with a password, in case you’re keeping secret notes in the eMargins of your eBooks.

We eagerly await a transmission from the Amazon mother ship.

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