A Look At Newsweek.com’s Relaunch

Newsweek.com relaunched at 8 p.m. last night, debuting several new features in addition to a new look. Mark Miller, editor of Newsweek Digital, gave readers an overview of the site and explained the main focus behind the site’s new, revamped look — simplicity. Writes Miller:

When we began the process of rethinking our Web site many months ago, we started by talking with you, or at least many of you, to learn how you use the Web, what you like and don’t like about many of your favorite Web sites, and generally what you want in a news site. What we heard back was what many of us at Newsweek also feel, which is that we’re overwhelmed with information. So two words guided us as we reconceived Newsweek.com: simplicity and clarity.

New features include a single, big, leading story on the site’s homepage, which will change throughout the day as news is made. Below that will be “Newsweek Now,” which Miller describes as a feature wherein “content streams downward, almost like a blog, giving you a quick glance at our latest offerings.” Newsweek Now will also be constantly updating throughout the day as new or breaking news is filed. Then there’s The Spectrum where five different, interesting takes on the day’s big story are presented for readers to read and compare.

The site is also introducing a new commenting system, which Newsweek.com editor and Newsweek Tumblr-er, Mark Coatney, describes in detail (to the chagrin of at least one Tumblr staffer):

It’s faster and easier to start commenting on our site. You can now log in to comment using a number of common services, including Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, and OpenID; if you’re already logged into another site that uses JS-Kit, we’ll remember which account you’ve been using, and you’ll be ready to comment right away. You’ll also be able to easily share your comments across those platforms, and you can now ask to be notified by e-mail whenever someone responds to your comments. Comments are threaded, easier to read, and you can now add images as well.

And now’s where we open it up to you lot. Any thoughts on the new Newsweek.com?