A Look at the LAPD’s New Home Base

Getting out of the Midwest for a moment, we turn to the first major review of the new Los Angeles Police Department‘s headquarters by local top critic, Christopher Hawthorne. If you’ve seen any film or television show involving any sort of policing in the past half-century (like Dragnet for example), you’re likely familiar with the previous headquarters, the iconic Parker Center in downtown Los Angeles. This weekend marked the move from that building to one just down the street, a new “Parker Center” (though that name transfer hasn’t been entirely agreed upon just yet), marking as LA Times writer Ruben Vives says “ends an era.” Critic Hawthorne likes the building more than he’d expected to, finding portions of it occasionally interesting and functional, but beyond that doesn’t seem overly thrilled with the new headquarters, designed by architects Paul Danna and Jose Palacios. He pines a bit for the old Center, yet admits that’s likely because it’s “freighted with symbolism.” Outside of Hawthorne’s review, the most controversial portion of the new building thus far seems to be the sculptures lining its exterior, designed by local artist Peter Shelton, which the city’s police chief has said “looks like ‘some kind of cow splat'” and others have asked “What kind of stupid thing is this?” So there’s your proof that one project can’t please everyone in every capacity.