A Look at the New Tiffany & Co. in the Liebskind/Rockwell Designed ‘Crystals’ Development

Staying in Las Vegas a bit longer, we ran across this first peek at the new Tiffany & Company store in that city via Jewelers’ Circular Keystone magazine. It will exist inside the gigantic new, 18 million square foot development, Crystals, which is all being laid out by Daniel Libeskind‘s firm and the Rockwell Group. While we’re sure the Tiffany location has its own store architect they’re working with to flesh out their interior, but judging from the renderings, it looks like it’s going to be playing off of Libeskind and Rockwell as much as it possibly can. Granted, with all of Las Vegas’ financial troubles, weren’t not sure how well both this store and the whole massive development will fare, but at least it’ll be pretty to look at when it opens (and maybe the lack of shoppers will help architecture buffs get better photos). Here’s a description:

Slated for a December opening, the approximately 10,000-square-foot Tiffany & Co. store will feature an 85-foot-high glass facade that is canted slightly over the street and shaped like a diamond. The store’s entrance will have polished black granite framing Art Deco-inspired stainless steel doors that will serve as a window to the store’s interior, complete with a spiral steel-and-glass staircase and a curved, multi-layered ceiling. A mirrored wall etched with a vertical pattern of pinstripes and another wall covered with an iridescent purple fabric extend the full 85 feet to the store’s ceiling. Each step on the crystalline stone-and-glass staircase is lit from beneath, emphasizing the curve of the stairs that shine through the glass facade. Midway on the staircase, a landing offers comfortable seating and a panoramic view of Las Vegas Boulevard.

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