A Look Inside the New David Lynch-Designed Parisian Nightclub

Back in June, we told you about director David Lynch being in the middle of an effort to construct a nightclub in Paris based on his film Mullholland Drive. The club finally opened this weekend, letting paying visitors (it’s a members-only establishment, with varying rates between roughly $1,000 and $2,000) get a first peek at Club Silenceo. Among those getting that early look was the Guardian‘s Fiachra Gibbons, who finds the space to be just as mysterious and meticulously designed as both Lynch and his work. Here’s a bit:

You do feel you are descending into another world as you go down the six flights of stairs into Silencio. Buddhist cocktail bars with their own bijoux cinemas, library, dream forest and stage straight from Twin Peaks are thin on the ground, even in the second arrondissement. One minute you are in the dark, the next you are in a golden tunnel of mini-mandalas. The effect is somewhere between nirvana, a classy Cincinatti cocktail bar circa 1975, and Goldie’s mouth.

The director’s Facebook group, Lynchland, has a number of images if you’d like to see more.

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