A Real-Time News and Buzz Aggregator Debuts

The problem with many online news aggregators is that they’re either weighted toward larger web sites or not weighted at all, meaning you have to search through a lot of chaff to find the information you want.

But Thoora, a new aggregator that launched its public beta today, says it’s found a way around the usual aggregation flaws. From the “About” section of its web site:

Thoora’s approach to collecting and displaying the most interesting stories is based on what’s implicitly happening within social and traditional media – blog posts, comments, Twitter updates and news articles – rather than voting or link analysis. We take into account millions of voices rather than relying on a small group of editors or A-List bloggers to determine the most important stories.

Indeed, the site is set up to highlight “The World’s Reactions” over “Today’s Headlines,” defaulting to the former. On the right side of each page is a box containing “Biggest Reactions this Week.” (It was in that box, within the Entertainment category, where I learned that “Paul Anka Gets Credit on Posthumous Michael Jackson Single, something I probably never would have known otherwise, even though it’s been covered in 123 blogs, according to Thoora.)

Our sister site BayNewser wrote about Thoora last month when the company presented at the TechCrunch50 show.