A Ridiculous Mafia Wars Promotion: Zynga To Blow Up Armored Truck In Las Vegas

It started with some “illegal tender” in Hermosa Beach last week, and it’s guaranteed to end with a bang–Mafia Wars Las Vegas has reached their 10 million player threshold, and they are gearing up to blow up an armored truck this Thursday, August 19th.

That’s right: there are now over 10 million people playing the newest level of the organized crime game, a number that’s attributable to both clever marketing and an extremely loyal user base.

In the grandest of all Facebook game releases in history, Zynga, maker of the enormously popular Mafia Wars, is going to blow up an armored truck in Las Vegas. They are also giving away $25,000 and 10 iPads a week to those who play the new level. But the best part about this grand finale event? Snoop Dogg might be setting off the explosion!

Snoop D-O-double-G himself is rumored to be the one pushing the button that sets off the explosion this Thursday, August 19th. Doesn’t that seem a little mismatched? Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that Snoop tweeted about the game’s release on August 4th. Since the connection between a rap superstar and a game like Mafia Wars seems like such an unlikely one, many are speculating that the tweet means he has something to do with the promotion.

The explosion will be broadcast live from Las Vegas on Mafia Wars.com at 6:00 pm PST. Will You be watching?