A Swag Bag to Flip Over: Organic Caramels, Halle Berry Perfume, Body Butter and Candles

Confirmed dinner guests to the Lani Hay/Elle dinner party are lucky ducklings. Late tonight they’ll receive Carole S. Miller handbags filled with carefully selected premium items such as: Rockhem Chic Stone custom VIP access invitations, Voluspa candles and gift certificates provided by South Moon Under, Dodo Organics Daily Facial Serum, Dodo Organic Caramels, Dodo Organic Almond Cookie Crisps, Marich Confectionary treats, EFX Sports Wrists Band, Vermont Spirits Vodka, iconic can of Illy’s signature medium blend ground espresso, Shea Terra Oranics Vanilla Body Butters, Fruits & Passion Tropical Rhythm Hand Soap, Alchimie Forever Erbium body lotions, EarPeace custom earplugs seen at the SXSW music festival, Reveal – the new fragrance by Halle Berry and more.

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