A ‘Very, Very Grateful’ Greg Kelly Returns to Good Day New York Anchor Chair

Putting closure to a potentially career-ending ordeal, Greg Kelly returned to Good Day New York this morning.

Kelly wasted no time discussing the rape allegations that kept him off the program since January 26. Kelly played it classy by immediately declaring “it was a tough couple of weeks, obviously, for a lot of people.”

As the camera isolated away from his co-anchor Rosanna Scotto, Kelly, the son of NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly continued, “I’m very, very grateful for all the suppport I got here at Fox 5. The support from my family, friends, those I care about, and the viewers of course. They’ve been just great.”

Kelly added that many fans of the show weighed in with positive feedback in the social media.

“It’s great to be back,” A subdued Kelly, 43, said.  

Kelly then singled out his on-air partner since 2008.

“I’m especially grateful again to this lady who sits next to me everyday, Rosanna Scotto,” Kelly asked. “You ready to get back to work?”

As he turned to Scotto, applause showered Kelly from the staffers.

Scotto said she was glad to have him back. but joked, “watch it, because we’re going right back to where we left off.”

Kelly, cleared of rape allegations Tuesday night by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, countered, “Well I’m not sure about that.”