A World Without Google [Infographic]

The privacy issues surrounding Google+ are making people long for simpler times when the Internet was more about finding than being found. But, as this infographic shows, things could be a lot worse.

The minute I read that Wikipedia and Reddit had decided to shut down for a day to make a statement about the anti-piracy bill SOPA, I wondered what would happen if Google shut down. Pandemonium is what would have happened. Maybe not worldwide pandemonium, but at least office-wide pandemonium. I have neither an encyclopedia nor a dictionary in print form anywhere near my desk. I would have had to remember URLs of individual websites and, worse, I would have had to use a paper map while walking around town that didn’t show me by arrow whether I was going the wrong way.

But then I remembered there are other tools: Bing, Hopstop, my phone’s navigation system, etc. I would have survived. Yet it brought home the point that Google has some products that I would prefer not to do without because they make my life easier.

This infographic breaks down everything Google has and shows what the alternatives would be if they went away. Would you want to live in a world without Google? See for yourself.

Infographic and image by OBizMedia

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