AAA TripTik Mobile

I am a member of AAA, so when I learned about AAA TripTik Mobile I had to download and try it on my iPad. As you can see on the iTunes web site, the app requirements state that it is compatible with the iPad, however, when I went into the app store on my iPad it is listed as an iPhone app. I installed it anyway and can confirm that it is in fact only an iPhone app, so I guess that by saying it is iPad compatible the iTunes web site means the app will run on the iPad, which I find confusing. To be fair, the app looks pretty good in the 2x iPhone app compatibility mode.

I think the AAA TripTik Mobile application is a useful application, and it is free. It provides information from AAA’s database on hotels, restaurants, gas stations and attractions. For example, restaurant entries include AAA’s ratings and inspector’s notes. The gas station information includes the current prices for regular and premium gas. The app provides turn-by-turn voice navigation to all of the items in the database and it can be used for general GPS navigation. If you are looking for a good, free app for traveling, check out AAA TripTik Mobile.

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